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The Selling Show

Nov 29, 2018

043: Smart Calling for Speakers with Art Sobczak


Art Sobczak has delivered over 1500 in-person training programs, ranging from multiple day and long-term repeat engagements, to 30-minute keynote presentations. He customizes and delivers onsite programs for companies and associations, and offer online and hybrid online/webinar programs.


David and Art discuss the best practices, mindset, and conditioning of cold calling. Including overcoming the dreadful rejection.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Pro mistakes made on the phone
  • People buy the results, not the ‘thing’
  • The critical first 10 seconds of a call
  • When you want them to listen and when you want them to talk
  • Opening a call
  • Getting through assistants
  • Art’s advanced level of questioning
  • Dealing with rejection


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode