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The Selling Show

Dec 20, 2018

049: How to Play the Long Game and Win with Tami Evans


Tami is an energetic and thought-provoking communicator and performer, with extensive background in both corporate and independent environments. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree and Bachelor’s degrees in Broadcasting Communications, and Theatre. She has CTI coaching training, and firmly believes laughter is a vital part of learning and living.


Tami takes us through her journey from a soap opera actress to entering the speaking world and what moves she has made to create and maintain relationships among her peers and clients!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • Tami’s early career
  • Getting into the speaking business
  • Presenting existing tools in her own unique way
  • Transition from training to keynotes
  • Narrowing down content for keynotes
  • Make room for attendees to be the star of the show
  • Be sellable, be seen, and be solo
  • Think of bureaus as a ‘who’ not a ‘what’
  • Spend the amount you want to make on your video
  • Communicate with you’re A/V team
  • Speaking leads to speaking
  • Be your own bureau


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode