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The Selling Show

Apr 16, 2019

080: Living in a Voice First World with Doug Devitre


Doug Devitre, CSP gives us a head start on the rising ‘voice first movement’ and how you can potentially beat the rush to utilizing Amazon’s Alexa for your speaking business before it gets too crowded! From publishing apps to creating specific skills! Doug also tells us why we should be focusing on technology like Alexa in the first place and how it can be monetized!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • The ‘Voice First Movement’
  • Using Alexa Blueprints
  • Publishing your app on Alexa
  • Monetizing Alexa
  • Is Alexa at risk of saturated and outdated content?
  • Using Alexa on stage as a speaker
  • Why you should focus on Alexa for your speaking business
  • Industries that would benefit from Alexa the most
  • Pivoting your business towards the ‘voice first’ world
  • Voice-to-voice book?



Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode