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The Selling Show

Jul 30, 2020

Rob Goyette has been supporting leaders in the coaching industry since 2007. He's been on the teams of many leaders in the coaching industry. Rob is best known for his 15-minute laser coaching model which puts money into coaches' bank accounts in as little as 4 days.


Rob breaks down his Fast Revenue Coaching model and...

Jul 28, 2020

For over 20 years Pat has traveled the world to work with companies, organizations, and industries to unlock the profit of laughter, levity, and joy in their work cultures. From daily stakeholders to internal interactions he has worked to harness their untapped strengths to allow them to make positive and...

Jul 23, 2020

Dana is the CEO of Take Action Inc. and founder of the Work Happy Project. She’s been a visual practitioner for over 20 years. She has a B.A. in Psychology and an M.S. in Organization Development

Dana Wright-Wasson talks about why employee engagement is needed now more than ever, design thinking, generating leads, and...

Jul 21, 2020

Alinka Rutkowska is the CEO of Leaders Press, a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling press, where she creates books for entrepreneurs from scratch and launches them to best-seller with a 100% success rate.


Alinka joins us on the podcast to give a clear understanding of what a book can do for your business as...

Jul 16, 2020

Crystal Washington, CSP works with organizations that want to leverage technology to increase profits and productivity!


Crystal talks about how she applies her use of technology to be a more thoughtful, communicative, and human salesperson!