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The Selling Show

Mar 30, 2021

Linda shares her tips and tricks to building an online following in today’s landscape with the form of content of your choice whether its in writing, or video media! She also talks about how you can get her new book which is free right now for a limited time only!

Mar 25, 2021

David breaks down the 8 pillars from his new book, Trusted Leader, and talks about his journey of building the Trusted Leadership empire he has today!  

Mar 23, 2021

The Unstoppable CEO talks about how you can utilize podcasting as a prospecting tool for your consulting business! He also talks about finding your target guests, delegating, and effective follow up processes!

Mar 18, 2021

Stephanie Chandler is the author of several books including The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan and The Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan. She is also founder and CEO of the Nonfiction Authors Association, a vibrant community for writers, and the Nonfiction Writers Conference, twice-yearly events conducted entirely...

Mar 16, 2021

Robert shows us how to create an effective presentation that can generate business for you and how the same values for these effective presentations can also apply to the success of a Broadway production!