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The Speaking Show

Jul 20, 2018

Jon Schumacher, master of the webinar, talks about why webinars are important for speakers to spread their expertise and provide a unique experience for their clients. Jon is the founder of Marketing Mastery Media INC a digital marketing agency focused on building both live and automated webinar funnels for coaches, consultants, and other agencies. He is also the host of the Webinar Mastery Summit, the largest online webinar conference.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • The benefits of webinars for your business
  • Tips for webinar newbies
  • Mistakes to avoid when doing webinars
  • The CTA sentence to close a sales call
  • The 3 P’s of webinar traffic
  • Boosting webinar show-up rates
  • What we can do on a webinar to maximize sales


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode