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The Selling Show

Aug 21, 2018

Get ready to sit fireside with a speaker who decided to step outside of the box and find out how it paid off for his business (fire not included). Scott McKain tells us how he utilizes the term ‘distinction’ to avoid being boxed in the ‘customer service’ industry, and how it allows him to incorporate leadership as well as providing ultimate customer experience for his clients.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • How Scott leveraged his book into his thought-leadership platform
  • How becoming an author revamped Scott’s speaking career
  • There’s no such thing as a ‘free’ speech
  • Your business is about the content, not the speech
  • From customer service expert to ‘distinction’ expert
  • How your niche is your topic
  • How Scott ‘fell’ into consulting
  • Why you should decrease downtime between content releases
  • Leveraging your personal story in your speeches


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode