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The Selling Show

Aug 30, 2018

017: 6 Kick-A$$ Strategies of the Million-Dollar Entrepreneur with Dawnna St. Louis


From sleeping in her car to founding three multi-million-dollar businesses, AND THEN becoming a successful keynote speaker. Needless to say, Dawnna has the expertise and experience in building business that you do not want to miss! Learn about her story, her kick-a$$ strategies, and a couple of other tid-bits you may not find anywhere else!


In This Episode, You’ll Learn…


  • There’s more to it than listening to everyone and having a great website
  • The four pieces of ‘the seed’ of your business
  • Taking steps back if something is not working within your business
  • Dawnna’s exclusive roundtable groups
  • 6 ways to sustain your business foundation


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode