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The Selling Show

Oct 29, 2019

David gives us a sneak peek of his upcoming book, ‘Do It! Speaking’ available in hard copy, digital, and audio formats in January! Listen in to hear some of the valuable bits this book has to offer, where you can pre-order it, and where you can claim your bonuses!

Oct 22, 2019

Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, PhD, Certified Speaking Professional, is an author and one of the top global leadership speakers on introverts. She is hailed as a “champion for introverts” who helps organizations, teams, and individuals with understanding introverts.


Jennifer debunks the many myths of being introverted...

Oct 15, 2019

The King of Sales, Jeffrey Gitomer, shares with us the secret to sales, the necessity of taking risks, talks about his upcoming program, and where you can find the best cinnamon rolls in Philadelphia!

Oct 8, 2019

David C. Baker is an author, speaker, and advisor to entrepreneurial creatives worldwide. He has written 5 books, advised 900+ firms, and keynoted conferences in 30+ countries.


The expert on the business of expertise talks about the differences of consulting and done-for-you services, non-interchangeable expertise,...

Oct 1, 2019

Innovation expert and keynote speaker, Stephen Shapiro, talks about speaking as a CEO, to starting over as a solo speaker and working for several different industries without veering off focus!