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The Selling Show

Dec 30, 2021

Carlos shares his remarkable success story of entrepreneurship and opportunity! He also talks about how got into the real estate industry, his successes and failures, and how he manages to run 7 different successful companies at the same time!

Dec 23, 2021

Matt Champagne returns to the podcast to talk about the good and sides of marketing psychology, getting people to take your surveys, his latest project, and much more!

Dec 9, 2021

Mark Firth talks about how he scaled his business to where it is today, his social engineering and marketing funnel, and his preparation to move his business to the United States!

Dec 2, 2021

As a medical doctor, Dr. Barbara Hales worked in women’s health and holds a patent in both American and European markets. Dr. Hales also has unparalleled experience in writing and marketing for the health community.

Melissa talks about how eWebinar utilizes recorded webinars while incorporating engaging elements for...

Oct 28, 2021

Jeff talks about what it means to have a playmaker mindset, why it is important to encourage fun and creative thinking within a company, and how Jeff applies his previous experience in acting and improv towards his speaking and workshops!